sterling driving school rates in Santa cruz county, CA


On-line Drivers ED

Take Our Driver's Ed Course.
You are required to pass a driver's education course before you can earn your learner's permit in California. Minimum age: 15 years.
  • Once you pass the course, we will send you your Certificate of Completion (Form DL400C).
Bring your Certificate of Completion form with you to the DMV. This will prove you've passed the course and allow you to take your Driver's Permit Test.
Price: $35
[Credited when you enroll in our behind-the wheel training package]


The CA DMV requires teens to have 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction from a licensed driving school.
Once you complete the 6 hours of instruction, we will send you your Certificate of Completion (Form DL400D), which you must give to the DMV when taking your driving license test.
  • 6 Hours of behind-the-wheel lessons
Price: $315
[This can be paid in installments, lesson by lesson]


We will give professional instruction, and prepare you for the DMV licensing test in the fastest possible time-frame.
  • 2 hour behind-the-wheel lessons
Price: $110
[Price includes pick up and drop off, at home, work, or school]

Senior Driver Assessment

It takes approximately 2 hours and we provide a detailed report and recommendation based on performance.
  • Comfortable and safe environment
  • Visual, cognitive, and reaction abilities tested
  • Behind-the-wheel assessment
  • Feedback and recommendations are given based on the assessment
  • Fast and easy process
Price: $150

Ride To DMV For Testing

Need a ride to the DMV? Need a car to take the test in? We will pick you up and let you use one of our cars to take the DMV test in!
  • One of our DMV certified Instructors will pick you up, give you a further 1 hour of training, and then take you to the DMV for your California License test. You will also be using our car to take the test in.
Price: $130


  • There is a $10.00 administrative fee to replace a lost certificate.
  • There is a $20.00 fee charged for each returned check.
  • Our instructors have to be paid for each scheduled lesson. If you no show for the lesson, we will charge $30.00 for the cancelled lesson.