The first step to getting your license is to pass a driver’s education course. Completion of a California Drivers Ed course is required for any teen under 171/2 prior to obtaining your learner’s permit and then beginning behind-the-wheel training. Once you complete driver’s ed, you may apply for a learner’s permit at the age of 15 ½.

The majority of new drivers now use state-licensed on-line driver’s education courses because they can be completed at the your own pace and are much more affordable. On-line driver’s education courses must meet the requirements of classroom education, and therefore should take students a minimum of 30 hours worth of coursework.

Behind-the-Wheel Lessons

Once you receive your learner’s permit, you are required to complete 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training with a state-licensed driving school. Additionally, you must complete 50 hours of driving practice with your parents, guardian, or certified instructor.

Our instructor works 1:1 with a student, assesses their skill level and progresses accordingly. Sterling offers behind-the-wheel instruction to give on-road experience, and to develop better and safer drivers. An important part of our on-road program is the student and parent debrief. This allows the instructor to speak with both the student and parent about student progress and areas that still need work. We also offer a Busy Parent Package for those parents who simply do not have the time to practice with their teenager.

DMV Licensed and Approved

Sterling programs prepare teens for today’s busy roadways by developing safe-driving habits and decision-making skills. Throughout the teen driving courses, teen drivers will learn basic driving fundamentals and defensive driving skills. Feedback is provided to both students and parents after every lesson. Sterling has a wide variety of programs and packages to choose from in order to meet individual student needs.

Driving Skills Taught at Sterling:

  • City Driving – speed control, lane changes, turning, braking, passing, school crossings, one-way roads, steering, signaling, anticipation and scanning Traffic control devices – understanding signs, lights and road markings.
  • Parking – standard and parallel parking.
  • Highway Driving – entering, exiting, lane positioning, following distance, speed control, and passing.


  • Licensed and approved by the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles
  • DMV License No. E4704
  • Bonded and Insured
  • All instructors have undergone thorough background checks and have been approved and licensed by the California DMV